London: How It All Began

I was about 15 years old when I fell in love with London though I don’t remember how or why. Maybe it was the romanticism of royalty, the history or maybe it was the accents. I knew I loved London and I needed to go. Over the years I collected travel guides and books and had a Pinterest board full of places I wanted to see.

As much as I researched, I never actually put my plan into action. In 2014 I made a to-do list of things I wanted to accomplish in the year. I started actually doing things and not just planning. After I started making changes and putting effort into my to-do list I knew London had to happen.



I got my passport, I bought the London pass and an Oyster Card for the Tube before I even bought my plane ticket. After a lot of research to find the best price I finally booked a flight and then a hotel in London for March 2017.

I made a list of everything I wanted to see and put them in 3 categories.

1. I had to go, my life would not be complete unless I went.
2. I really want to go and I’ll try to get there.
3. I want to go but if it I don’t, it’s okay.


I wrote in my journal daily while I was in London. Early on in my adventures I noticed that every location I went to I found myself overwhelmed by what I wanted to remember and I would usually have one thought that would be on repeat in my mind. I wrote that one thought as a summary of my experience and I’ve included it at the beginning of every topic in each blog post.


I am not the first person who decided to make changes and travel more and step out of their comfort zone and I’m certainly not the first person to go to London alone but this is my adventure.

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