London: Bridges

Tower Bridge

Seeing a famous landmark you dreamed about seeing for 20 years by complete accident is more emotional than I expected.


I rarely got lost in London except on my second day when I ended up on the wrong side of town. I could see the Thames up ahead and even though I knew I wasn’t where I needed to be I walked up to the path by the river, looked left and saw Tower Bridge for the first time.  I had planned to see Tower Bridge while I was there but my first sight of it caught me by surprise. Even though I was lost and late to my reservations I wouldn’t trade this view for anything. I couldn’t be looking at Tower Bridge while standing next to the River Thames unless I was in London.


Two days later I went to Tower of London and after I left I sat on a bench next to The Thames looking at the bridge, it was almost closing time so I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to explore it. It was so important for me to stop every once in a while, and appreciate what I was looking at. Here I was, sitting on a bench by the River Thames, behind me was Tower of London, in front on me was Tower Bridge. The only way this could be happening was if I was in London.


I finally went on Tower Bridge a full week into my trip. I stopped on the bridge and took pictures of the Tower of London, the Shard, the Gherkin and City Hall.

Once I got to the top of the bridge I was met with a surprise, I didn’t know there was a glass bottom so that when you walk across you could see the River Thames below you. This was a lot of fun. It was fun to walk across and it was fun to watch other people take cautious steps.

A few days later I was walking around London and  decided to turn down a random road and walk, to see a different side of London and see beyond the tourist spots. It started to rain and at first I didn’t mind, I am an Oregonian.  Though as the English rain continued to pour I was getting soaked.




After walking around in the rain for a while I was cold and wet and I was ready to be warm and dry.  I started walking in the direction I thought I’d find a Tube Station but I ended up by Tower Bridge, my feet were wet and I was cold but this was my view.



Millennium Bridge

I walked across the Millennium Bridge and didn’t get attacked by death eaters!




I will admit it, I was excited to go on Millennium Bridge because of its connection to Harry Potter. I was planning on going to Tate Modern Museum that day so I decided it was a perfect opportunity to cross the Millennium Bridge then spend the afternoon in the museum.







Once I started to walk across the bridge I was surprised how much bigger it was than I expected.







Halfway across the bridge I stopped to take pictures. There I stood, on the Millennium Bridge, the River Thames below me, behind me is St. Paul’s Cathedral and ahead I see the Tate Modern.


To the right I could see the London Eye, on the opposite side of the River Thames I could see Big Ben and Palace of Westminster. To my left is Tower Bridge, I was surrounded by London.


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